This is a list for VA/VFA-27 squadron personell. If you were ever assigned to VA/VFA-27, then please enter your name in the database. Lets build a comprehensive roster of all Royal Maces.

There are 539 Royal Maces in the roster.

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ID First Name Last Name Nick Name
Call Sign
Job Years
Aircraft Squadron Stationed Deployments Email
321FranciscoAblenPanchitoAMS2PC/Airframer85-89A-7E CorsairVA-27NAS Lemoore 
354chrisropherabreu AT3support plane captain2001-2003hornetvfa 27atsugi japandiego garcia
353chrisropherabreu AT3support plane captain2001-2003hornetvfa 27atsugi japandiego garcia
261SidAdams CWO4fixer83-86,90-92A7-E,F/A18CVA,VA-VFALemoore,CVN70,CV63IO 
157TiomAke AT1Fixer1987-1989A-7EVA-27NAS Lemoore1988 Carl Vinson 
158TimAke AT1Fixer1987-1989A-7EVA-27NAS Lemoore1988 Carl Vinson 
389KeithAllenKeithAT-3support/AIMD3A7-EVA-27Lemoore NASworld cruise 83,westpac 84
390KeithAllenKeithAT-3support/AIMD3A7-EVA-27Lemoore NASworld cruise 83,westpac 84
388KeithAllenKeithAT-3support/AIMD3A7-EVA-27Lemoore NASworld cruise 83,westpac 84
545SherondaAllenChickenheadAN to IT2Support2000-2004FA-18cVFA-27AtsugiMultiple... Including Diego Garcia after 9/11
471FrankAlvaro AE4Fixer1983-1987A7Va-27Lemoore1983-1987
168PaulAmeyBABSEns-LtDriver1992-1995F/A-18CVFA-27NAS LemooreWestPac 92 & 94 USS Kitty Hawk
299Patrick JAndersAndyAT1QA & MC1976-1778A7EVA-27NAS Lemoore1776 USS Enterprise & Workups for 1978 Deployment
119JoshuaAndersonBad AndyAZCV-632F/A 18 HornetVFA-27AtsugiMany
162chrisandersonandyamsanairframes shop/cc92-95hornetVFA-27NAS Lemoore92-95
118JoshuaAndersonBad AndyAZCV-632F/A 18 HornetVFA-27AtsugiMany
51RayAndersonRayAT1AIMD Comm/Nav 2A7EVA-27NAS LemooreWestPac 74/75 USS Enterprise (CVAN-65)
69ChipAngus E4PR1994-97F/A-18CVFA-27NAS Lemoore / NAF AtsugiUSS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) USS Independence (CV-62)
152AlanAnthonyAlAME-2Fixer1976-1979A7-EVA-27Lemoore & USS Enterprise1976 & 1978
175JasonAshleyASHE-3Bomb Chucker4F/A-18VFA-27Lemoore92-93 &94
63DonaldAutenDuckLTDriverSep 1976 to Sep 1979A-7EVA-27NAS Lemoore1976, 1978
285BilalAwadBomber Mans / JehadArrived AMAN Detached AM2Plane Captain / AF MECH / Final Checker2006-2009F/A-18 EVFA-27Atsugi JPUSS Kitty Hawk / USS George Washington
188GaryAyers AM1fixer2000-2004F/A-18CVFA-27NAF AtsugiAll Deployments and most Dets including the Diego Garcia Det after 9/11
325SteveBaileyBeetleE-5Plane Captain2A-7VA-27NAS Lemoore2 68-69/69-70
549RichBanks LTJGDriver1969-70A7-AVA-27LemooreConstellation
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