This is a list for VA/VFA-27 squadron personell. If you were ever assigned to VA/VFA-27, then please enter your name in the database. Lets build a comprehensive roster of all Royal Maces.

There are 539 Royal Maces in the roster.

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ID First Name Last Name Nick Name
Call Sign
Job Years
Aircraft Squadron Stationed Deployments Email
335RobertRoperAceADCFixerPlank owner - 68A-7VA-27LemooreConny 68
336RobertRoperAceADCFixerPlank owner - 68A-7VA-27LemooreConny 68
337RobertRoperAceADCFixerPlank owner - 68A-7VA-27LemooreConny 68
338RobertRoperAceADCFixerPlank owner - 68A-7VA-27LemooreConny 68
339BrennenKoji AD3Fixer4FA-18 EVFA-27NAF AtsugiWestpac 
340RalphCorry PN2/PN1Support - Personnel Office2A-7VA-27NAS LemooreCAG 15 Beach Det 
341JorgeCastano CS3Support2F/a18eVFA-27Atsugi jp2
342RobertRogers YNSupport4A7E & FA18BothNAS LemooreWESPAC X2
343RobertRogers YNSupport4A7E & FA18BothNAS LemooreWestpac 88 & 91, Pacex, Norpac
344ThomasSnyder LTMaintenance Control Officer3 (73-77)A-7EVa-27Lemoore2
345clauderobinsoneddieairmansupport supplytwoa7ava-27lemoorewestpac68
346ErnestoProsperomulletAD!/ADCFIXER1986/89/93/95A-7E, F/A-18VA-27/VFA-27NAS LEMOOREWESPAC
347DanielWoodwardWoodyAOCS RetOrdnance shop1977 to1979A7EVA27Lemoore1977 aboard USS Enterprise
348RobertCarey AT3AT2007-2010F18VFA-27Atsugi2007-2010
349ChristopherHiscockCakeAM2Fixer2008-2012F/A 18EVFA-27NAF Atsugi2008,2009,2010,2011
350RickyBurk AMS-3Fixer Check Crew PO1973-1974A-7EVA-27NAS LemooreWestpac
351MontyNewkirk AQ3Radar Shop1972A7EVA-27NAS LemooreWestpac 1972 CVAN65
352MichaelCavanaughMikeyAQ-3 to AT-2Integrated Weapons Team1975 to 1981A7-EVA-27NAS Lemoore1976 and 1977/1978
353chrisropherabreu AT3support plane captain2001-2003hornetvfa 27atsugi japandiego garcia
354chrisropherabreu AT3support plane captain2001-2003hornetvfa 27atsugi japandiego garcia
355JohnnyOatesOtayAZ3Support1974-1977A7EVA-27NAS Lemoore2 cruises 74-77
356Stephen Wagner AME 3fixer4A7E CorsairVA27NAS. Lemoore CA.1974-1975, 1976-1977
357JimFox Ens./LTjg./LT.Support (AI)1967-1970A7-AVF-27NAS Lemoore1968/69, 1969/70
358Sidney (Ray)LeslieKiddE3Plane Captain / ADJ Shop1974/1977A7-EVA-27NAS Lemoore1974-1977
359Sidney (Ray)LeslieKiddE3Plane Captain / ADJ Shop1974/1977A7-EVA-27NAS Lemoore1974-1977
360Sidney (Ray)LeslieKiddE3Plane Captain / ADJ Shop1974/1977A7-EVA-27NAS Lemoore1974-1977
361EricHolubRedAD3engines92-94F-18 lot6VFA-27 ChargersNAS Lemore2 west packs
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