This is a list for VA/VFA-27 squadron personell. If you were ever assigned to VA/VFA-27, then please enter your name in the database. Lets build a comprehensive roster of all Royal Maces.

There are 539 Royal Maces in the roster.

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ID First Name Last Name Nick Name
Call Sign
Job Years
Aircraft Squadron Stationed Deployments Email
93EdwardDaugherty AE2Fixer1968-1969A7AVA-27NAS LemooreConnie 67-69, 69-70 
192DanHarrisDivotLTPilot3F/A=18EVFA-27NAF AtsugiMultiple 
417RodneyDaubert ANMaterial Control4 1967 to 1971A7VA-27NAS LaMoore, California2 Weat Pack CVA64 
200JimKidrickSlugLCDRDriver2 1/2A-7EVA-27LemooreWestpac on Vinson 84-85 
369JerryLee LS1/E6IMRL/METCAL/TOOLS2 F/A-18EVFA-27Atsugi, Japan2007 & 2008 
206AndresRamacho HM2 (AW)Support (Aviation Medicine Technician)3 yearsF/A-18VFA-27NAF AtsugiOIF 
207AndresRamacho HM2 (AW)Hospital Corpsman (AVT/Support)2002-2005Hornets - Super HornetsVFA-27NAF Atsugi/CV-63OIF 
468DaveRhodes AO-3AOTwoA7EVA-27Lemoore N.A.S.'70-'71 and '71-'72 
54LazarosBlatsas AE2Fixer2003-2007F/A-18C and F/A-18EVFA-27NAS AtsugiToo many... 
375nicholaschenowehtChewyATPC/Fixer2012F-18/EVFA 27Atsugisummer 2012 
377vernon brownV.O.amhan-amh2ndfixer1977-1980a7-eVA-27Lemoore2 enterprise-coral sea 
469DaveRhodes AO-3Aviation Ord.TwoA7-E CorsairVA-27Lemoore, NAS1970-1971 and 1971-1972 
330RonaldThurstonWolfmanE-3/AmsnPlane Captain3A7 Corsair2VA-27NAS Lemoore CaWest pac 
410rickeyweaver e4plane captain2a7eva-27nas leemorepineapple 82 
408CharlieLeMaster E-4AE4A7A/EVA-27Lemoore, CASE Asia, Indina Ocean 
407CharlieLeMaster E-4AE4A7A/EVA-27Lemoore, CASE Asia, Indina Ocean 
68DouglasBerlier AMH2FIxer3A7-E Coursair IIVA-27Lemoore NASRimpac 86, Westpac 87 
70VinceKraus ADJ2ADJ3A7 EVA-27Lemoore2 West Pacs/Enterprise 
455DougSchultzDBLT, LCDRDriver1981-1984, 1989-1991A-7EVA-27NAS Lemoore, CA81-82 WESTPAC, 90-91 WESTPAC/IO 
157TiomAke AT1Fixer1987-1989A-7EVA-27NAS Lemoore1988 Carl Vinson 
158TimAke AT1Fixer1987-1989A-7EVA-27NAS Lemoore1988 Carl Vinson 
424WillieLott AMS2Fixer1969 1973A7 EVA-27LemooreWestPac 70 71/72 72/73 Constellation CVAN64 Enterprise CVAN65 
423WillieLott AMS2Fixer1969 1973A7 EVA-27LemooreWestPac 70 71/72 72/73 Constellation CVAN64 Enterprise CVAN65 
164RobertBeurlotFeet, Butload,PR2Paraloft2005-2008F/A 18VFA-27NAF Atsugi5 or 6 
362CecilHollinghead AT2fixerin boundf-18evfaatsuginone yet four with vaq-136 08-11 
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