This is a list for VA/VFA-27 squadron personell. If you were ever assigned to VA/VFA-27, then please enter your name in the database. Lets build a comprehensive roster of all Royal Maces.

There are 539 Royal Maces in the roster.

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ID First Name Last Name Nick Name
Call Sign
Job Years
Aircraft Squadron Stationed Deployments Email
50HaroldGeorge Jr.GrizzAO1 AW Retired noneA7E, F-14, P-3, F/A-18 C/D/EF/G everywheremany
307DavidWebb AQ3Tech/Flight Deck Troubleshooter71-73A7-EA-27Lemoore71-72, 72-73 USS Enterprise
541andrewpincockhandsomeae2shop3a7aaztecNew MexicoUnited States
540andrewpincockhandsomeae2shop3a7aaztecNew MexicoUnited States
539andrewpincock ae2shop3a7aaztecNew MexicoUnited States
538andrewpincock ae2shop3a7aaztecNew MexicoUnited States
526TedFrederickFredAO3Support4A7- FA 18BothNas lemooreYes
525TedFrederickFredAO3Support4A7- FA 18BothNas lemooreYes
238JeffreyHinesJeffADANPlane Captain3A7E and F/A 18BOTHNAS LEMOORE , CAWESTPAC ON THE HAWK ++++
342RobertRogers YNSupport4A7E & FA18BothNAS LemooreWESPAC X2
392MarkScarbrielSCARAO2Fixer3A7E BothNAS LEMOORE, CaWest Pac 1992
233EricKrollKrollbootscumturd shirt89-91A7E & FA-18BOTHLemoore,enough
343RobertRogers YNSupport4A7E & FA18BothNAS LemooreWestpac 88 & 91, Pacex, Norpac
262RonaldGreen ATC(AW)(ret) 1982-1985 & 1988-1993A-7E, FA-18ABothNas Lemoore1983 World Cruise, 1984/85 Westpac, 1990 West Pac, 1992-93 WestPac 
437tickhausamtronaecs4fixee/supporter4a-7e/fa18ebothLemoore cause kitty hawk
183royniewierowskiskiboad1mech,troubleshooter,safety8 syearA-7 /F-18BothNAS Lamoore CaCarl Vincent,Conni,Enterprise
160catalinomatos jrninoazan 90-93a-7 to f-18bothn.a.s. lemoore,cawestpac
116AlfredoFernandez AMS4Airframes shop1988 to 1992A-7E and F/A18C Both VA and VFANAS Lemoore2 west pacs and 1 pacex
117AlfredoFernandez AMS3Airframes 1988 to1992A-7E and F/A-18CBoth VA and VFANAS Lemoore2 WESTPACS 1PACEX and brought the Kitty Hawk around the horn
141JustinMcFarlandMacADANPlane Captain1989-1991A7E-FA18Both-transitionedLemoore89-91 
435JeffSmileySmilesAD2Fixer3A-7 ECantonTexasUnited States
493StevenMartinezriveraMartyAMANPlane Captain2F/A-18ECoronadoCALIFORNIA2
412JesseHook PR113A LPO4F-18C&Enational cityATSUGIA LOT / FDNF
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